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Rosie pic 2I grew up in rural Victoria, and moved to Melbourne around 10 years ago. Having completed an utterly non-vocational double degree in Music and Arts at Melbourne University, I now work in administration within the non-for-profit Arts sector.

I’m certainly not a professional sewer; my love for sewing and making things is part of a lifestyle I’ve inherited. I was lucky enough to grow up on a property where the house, a large proportion of the furniture and my childhood toys and clothes were beautifully hand-crafted by my parents, and where making stuff was normal, and often necessary, due to geographic isolation.

I’ve always loved fabrics , dressing up, old-school  Hollywood glamour, and the way people lived in other eras.  Sewing, my love for vintage fashion, and my fascination with collecting Australian Home Journals converged and cemented during my Uni years to become an ongoing addiction from which I still suffer!

I have created this blog to document my sewing adventures, to share my love for all things vintage, and to learn from other sewing enthusiasts. Having originally learned to sew from observing Mum, my sewing pursuits have largely been shaped, (and continue to be so!) by large amounts of trial and error. I also hope that this blog will motivate me to make more garments, take more challenges, improve my technique and remind me to be less slapdash in their construction!


  1. Steph says:

    Hi Rosie, I loved reading your blog, and am inspired to move on to dress number two now….in 100% cotton, of course!

  2. Wilma says:

    Rosie, I love your blog! Why haven’t I seen it before? Will be keeping an eye out now.

  3. Sewing Canary aka Wondo says:

    Hi, I’m back with some info about pattern grading.
    I spent the whole summer learning about pattern making. In October/November I came across two websites that seemed to have it all in a nutshell. Going the long route, wading through books and the internet was a good learning experience though. It turns out I deleted the one chart I’d been thinking of because I couldn’t read it clearly when I printed it. The two main sites I found the most info on are and

    Both of them have oodles and oodles of information. Have a boo.
    Happy stitching, Canary

  4. Sewing Canary aka Wondo says:

    PS. I also really like this site. Although more along the lines of fine tailoring she has some marvelous tutorials on all sorts of processes. Even if you aren’t tailoring, there’s a wealth of useful information applicable to all sorts of things.
    If you like watching youtube tutorials, I especially liked the ones by a woman named Colleen in UK. I think her youtubes are under FashionSewingBlogTv – or similar. I found them clear, easy to understand for learning sewers – not too fast, not too slow. You might check her out.

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